What is high-volume hiring? 

High-volume or mass hiring refers to the process of recruiting many candidates within a short period, often conducted by organizations with substantial workforce needs. This type of hiring is common in industries such as retail, customer service, healthcare, and seasonal businesses. Mass hiring can be driven by factors like business expansion, seasonal demands, or the need to replace a significant number of employees.

The Varied challenges based on alignments

“It is all about the Perspective.”

It is not an uncommon thought that different entities in an organisation face different challenges. The worries or concerns are primarily driven by what their goals, priorities, KPIs, and job functions are.

The entire process of recruitment too goes through this fundamental concept of ‘Varied alignment-based challenges’. For Instance, in the hiring scenario, while the Finance controller is particularly worried about the cost of onboarding per hire, the senior management of the brand team is particularly concerned about creating Brand endorsers through an impeccable brand image. The Internal Training team, however, is concerned about the quality of training grasped by the new hire.

The 5 Spheres of Challenges in Volume-Hiring

Let’s look deeper into Volume Hiring Challenges – we have broken it down into 5 distinct spheres of challenges. Playing any part of the Recruitment function, direct or indirect, you will be able to resonate with one or more of these Spheres.

1. Challenges for the Brand – Impacted employer branding

  • Poor experience for both candidates & recruiters
  • Employees do not become brand endorsers due to poor experience 
  • Low affinity to the company 
  • Impacted brand image.

2. Challenges for the HR team – admin heavy processes

  • No Efficient resource utilization
  • Lower early-stage attrition 
  • Low offer to Joining ratio 
  • Low visibility on Candidate sentiments for example offer letter rejection reasons 
  • Lack of solutions catering to Volume
  • Not Getting the new resources productive from Day 1

 3. Challenges for the Finance team – Escalating hiring costs affecting the bottom line

  • Every new solution to improve the system is an added cost to the company
  • Many solutions involve high upfront capex
  • The business bottom line is affected

 4. Challenges in Operations – Affected Deadlines & TAT

  • Multiple Admin headache
  • No way of verifying thousands of data quickly
  • Cumbersome process
  • No accuracy in Data being filled in by Candidates 
  • Too many Manual Interventions 
  • Lack of customisation in existing solutions 

 5.Challenges in Compliance & Reputation – Inefficiencies & Risks

  • Compliance issues
  • Integration & compatibility scare with existing systems 
  • Data breach & Safety Concerns 
  • Inefficiencies

Did you excitedly nod your head in agreement at any of the above? Did one of more spheres resonate with you? 

Whatever the Challenge, figuring out and implementing the solution has been the only true mark of great professionals – it gives satisfaction along with the obvious Business Growth.

At iona.ai, we have looked at these challenges in detail, and have been helping businesses that engage in high-volume recruitment to transform their recruitment process. We transform the hiring process with our cutting-edge AI technology, enabling quality hiring at speed and scale with no human intervention needed. With guaranteed 100% accuracy through 100% automation.

One no longer must sift through endless resumes or second-guess your hiring decisions. Working as a recruiter Co-pilot, our AI does the heavy lifting by accurately matching candidates to job descriptions, assessing their skills, and even predicting their growth potential. It means one can make informed hiring decisions faster than ever before, without compromising on quality. Our platform is designed to learn and adapt, ensuring that it only gets better with every hire.

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