Find a prospect, and convert them into an Employee with

“’s Recruiter Co-pilot 

iona FIND, a prospect mapping and Gen AI based application tracking system serves as an assistant of the recruiter and takes care of all manual and cognitive tasks on behalf of the recruiter under the recruiter’s guidance.

Using AI based system, taxonomies and ontologies are used to categorise and match job skills with candidate profiles, enabling more efficient and accurate recruitment processes.

Finding the most relevent prospect

that becomes an employee real quickly

Writing Job Descriptions

Crafting clear and compelling job descriptions based on input from the recruiter, ensuring accurate representation of the position

Fetching Relevant CVs

Searching and retrieving relevant resumes from the database based on specified criteria and job requirements

Sorting Resumes

Utilizing predefined criteria to assess and rank resumes in order of relevance to the specific job profile


Communicating with candidates, line managers, and other stakeholders to provide updates, gather feedback, and schedule further actions

Insights and Predictions

Analysing candidate data to provide quick insights and predictions, such as candidate suitability, turnaround times, risk assessments, and potential SLA breaches 

Elevate your Finding & Selecting Process 

through skill-based smart matching

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We are Detail-oriented – Our solution has drilled down into finest pain points to solve them and provide a solution befitting every type of issues


Our solution is Customisable and configurable to suit unique onboarding requirements

Last, our pricing vis a vie output ensures that implementing our Prospect to productive solution is a Value for Money to you

Make the smart choice today.

Choose iona.AI

Elevate your prospect sourcing &

selecting experience to a new level

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