The Challenges In Volume Hiring

Compliance Challenges
financial challenges
brand challenges
human resources challenges
Operational challenges

Introducing Prospect to Productive solution, a smarter way of managing your volume hiring funnel 

The 3 steps in

Prospect to Productive

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Convert and Attract a Prospect
iona FIND with Gen Ai Based ATS
  • Gen-AI based candidate and job profile matching
  • AI pre-qualifying candidates on multiple criteria
  • Joining Risks prediction & mitigation
  • Automated workflows & admin tasks
  • Fully automated & efficient 

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Speed OnBoard Employee
iona SPEEDBOARD with Integrated BGV
  • Fully automated form filling & signing
  • Documentation in real time
  • Automated Background Verification
  • 100% accuracy with auto reconciliation of data




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Make new hire productive from Day 1
iona TRAIN PLUS with Engagement Analysis
  • Post joining induction via bot
  • Mandatory trainings after joining
  • Automated Surveys for feedback
  • Interactive & engaging content for candidates 
  • Generative AI based query management 


for both Candidates and Recruiters

So that every stakeholder is your ambassador.

Your newly appointed candidate joining your organisation is no longer frazzled due to compliances & forms. Your recruitment team is no longer bogged by the sheer volume and broken processes.

Candidate & Recuiter-iona

GenNext AI Bots for Candidates

Handling multiple candidates at the same time means focusing on multiple needs of multiple people. Our GenNext AI powered conversational bots acts their Buddy, improving candidate’s experience multifold. 
chatbot -iona
Progressive Web App Based Native App-like Experience


for Enhanced Experience

Smart Data Checks

To avoid repeat of data entry, form filling etc

Regional Language funtionality

and chat & call Support

Easy hiring process-iona

Easy, quick, accurate & seamless hiring at scale

Easy hiring process-iona

Smart Co-pilot for Recruiters

Handling multiple candidates also means volumetric work that is error-prone. Our solution act as a delightful personal helper for recruiters addressing the most granular pain points in candidate sourcing, onboarding & training for large-scale hiring.

100% Data Accuracy

Fully Digitalised and Automated

Full Visibility On The Entire Value Chain

​Accurate Predictions

Smart Co-pilot for Recruiters

Job & Profile Matching

Interview Scheduling

Offer Letter Management


Filing of compliances & Statutory forms

Automatic Background verification process

Query Handling

Engagement Monitoring

Getting New Hires

 Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) &

Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA)

for large Enterprises showed multifold Impact

in a study ‘TimeX’ by



(In man-hours) Spent by HR team on Onboarding in a typical bulk hiring scenario
Per annum for every 100 new hires per month
Turnaround Time (TAT) in onboarding

Full Visibility & Accurate Predictions

to know candidate affinity

Predict the candidates’ chances of reaching the next hiring stage
Predict that once the offer is given, how likely is the candidate to join.
Raise red flags immediately in case a candidate dropout is predicted, thereby Dropout reduction.
Process visibility - iona
Art of bulk hiring - iona

The Artistry of

Bulk Talent Acquisition

Sculpting Success with Volume Hiring Where Every Hire is an Experience

 Why go for iona’s

Prospect to productive solution?

Industry-Leading Accuracy in Data

A robust system capable of handling diverse document scenarios with unparalleled precision

  • Superior Degree of Data Accuracy
  • Minimized errors
  • Guaranteed data integrity

Designed for Agility

Our solution is designed with these in mind

  • Quickly implementable solution
  • Seamless integration with existing system
  • Customisable solution for your needs
  • Multilingual Capabilities

Military grade data security and privacy

The utmost level of data security and privacy to safeguard sensitive information throughout its lifecycle, from transit to storage

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability of data

What our customers say about us

Akshay Kumar

Working with lona for our background verification needs has revolutionized our hiring process. Their comprehensive approach leaves no stone unturned, meticulously examining each candidate’s history with precision and care. From criminal records to employment verification, lona’s thoroughness is unmatched. Their efficient workflows and quick turnaround times have expedited our hiring timelines, enabling us to onboard top talent with confidence. lona’s dedication to accuracy and reliability makes them an invaluable partner in maintaining the integrity of our workforce.

Senior Officer Onboarding and Induction, First Abu Dhabi Bank

Vinay Kaimal

IONA technology for ABSLI has been pivotal in streamlining onboarding throughput especially when volume hires is the normal norm, the speed in which the system manages the volumes and with efficiencies displayed in managing HR teams turn around time to release candidate offer letters is truly remarkable! Priya Srivastava and her team has been managing ABC relationship with speed, agility and with quality assurance and partners with us in training HR managers on the tech upgradation by conducting training sessions. This real time support which is extended forms the crux of our mutual success in delivering results as expected! Thank you Priya and IONA team for all your support!

Zonal Lead | West Zone , HR Talent Acquisition | Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance
delivered - iona

100,000 +

Elevated Experiences Delivered​
files - iona

1.5 Million

Accurate Automated documentation
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