iona will make you a Super Recruiter!

Don’t waste your precious time on menial tasks. Let iona handle the tedious stuff so that you can focus on what matters.
iona speeds up recruitment workflow. She automates screening & schedules interviews​
  • iona conducts screening interviews via phone or chatbot and filters noise so that recruiters can spend quality time with the right candidates and close more hires in a given time​
  • She saves time by automatically managing interview scheduling, rescheduling and cancellations. No more multiple emails or calls required to schedule interviews. It is done for you!​
Candidates love iona – she is not biased, available 24x7, keeps everyone updated and recommends suitable jobs​
  • iona provides equal opportunity to all job applicants and reduces biases​
  • She answers queries, clarifies doubts and is available 24x7. This transforms the candidate experience and saves precious recruiter time​
  • She learns about candidate requirements and recommends job matches. Every interaction is a learning for her
Candidate love iona
Know what you don’t know. iona thrives on large volumes of data, turns it into information & knowledge and at times provides real pearls of wisdom​​
  • iona identifies trends, patterns and predicts outcomes at every hiring stage. Knowing unknowns helps recruiters avoid making costly mistakes​
  • She reports accurate and timely management information that is actionable​
iona Know What You Dont Know

iona is a self learning assistant with impressive matchmaking abilities

She evolves with practice and automates menial tasks​
  • She learns after every interaction, observes intent, predicts outcomes and responds accordingly
  • She is powered with the latest natural language processing capability and really useful matchmaking algorithms​
Artificial Intelligence
iona works in tandem with recruiter decision-making and learns nuances using sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms and also provides Augmented Intelligence
  • iona enhances recruiter decision making by identifying intent from candidate conversations using Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding​
  • She rates candidates against available job vacancies by matching candidate’s needs, expectations and behaviours in depth using a range of M/L and AI models
iona As Recruiter
iona is voice command ready which is the most natural form of user interaction. Like Alexa, she can take and process voice commands using finely tuned natural language processing engines​
  • iona integrates voice interaction into your recruitment workflow by offering an intelligent voice interface​
  • Her automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding engines enable her to respond to voice requests instantly​
  • She can also be customised for specific requirements​
iona Voice Command

Introducing iona to your current workflow is easy​

iona seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. She automates workflow with existing systems using a range of API modules
  • iona easily integrates with various platforms – Email, Calendar, SMS, Slack, MS Teams, ATSs, LinkedIn, Job Boards and CV databases etc​​
  • She can be configured with your  telecom provider to make and record calls directly via the system
  • She comes with a sophisticated Recruitment Management System and Recruitment CRM. There is the option to replace existing legacy systems with state-of-the-art modern recruitment systems​
Integration in iona

Automate Walk-In Interviews with iona *

Gone are the days when you have to manually manage walk-in interviews. Let iona handle the complete walk-in process & save tons of your precious time
  • iona will welcome candidates, interact with them, answer their queries and help them complete the registration process​​
  • She will conduct initial screening and filter candidates for next interview rounds​
  • All candidates will be tracked during the entire hiring process. Every candidate will get feedback so no more bad press​
  • At the end, she will share reports and insights with all stakeholders​

* Note: This feature is currently only available in India.​
Integration in iona

Key Features​​

Chatbot Screening Chatbot Screening

iona is an AI powered chatbot. She automatically screens and ranks candidates using a chat interface saving hours of recruiter’s time

Phone Screening Phone Screening​

iona can call candidates via phone, ask screening questions, rank candidates, inform the recruiter and update ATS

Candidate Engagement Candidate Engagement​

iona is available 24x7 to answer candidate queries. Automated human like conversations improves candidate experience and saves precious recruiter’s time

ATS Applicant Tracking System​

iona is equipped with a modern Application Tracking System with powerful features. The system can be customised to your specific needs

CV Mining CV Mining

iona connects with your CV databases and mines & ranks CVs against job orders. Her AI algorithms learns from the recruiter and rapidly improves her accuracy

Click To Call Click to Call​

Click a button to call candidates directly rather than dialling. Calls can be recorded and analysed using sophisticated methods to better understand candidates and improve services

Voice Command Voice Command​

iona can be configured with Alexa or similar voice interfaces. Recruiters can get her services by simple voice conversation

Report Business Intelligence & Reporting​

iona takes reporting to the next level. She highlights meaningful and actionable information about your recruitment services

Prediction Predicting Outcomes​

iona uses predictive analytics to segregate noise from signals. She helps recruiters to effectively forecast potential outcomes at every hiring stage

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