You will love working with us because we will ELEVATE you.

“We are Easy to work with. We are Lean.

Our processes are super Effective. Automation comes easily to us. We are obsessed about Details and Accuracy.

We believe in creating ‘Value’. That is why Top Enterprises have Trusted us for our value-creation capabilities.

We understand that all ecosystems keep changing, and so do requirements. We keep evolving our solution to ensure it stays relevant and matches your expectations.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to ELEVATE everything we do. From elevating our stakeholders’ experiences with us, to elevating the way the Hiring universe works. Our goal is to be able to achieve elevation through 100% Automation and 100% Accuracy.

Our Vision

“To be the beacon of transformative excellence, inspiring a world where every interaction, process, and collaboration is elevated. We envision a future where our commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and value creation transforms the way businesses operate and individuals thrive. As the go-to partner for top enterprises, we aspire to elevate every aspect of work, fostering a world where excellence is not just achieved but continually redefined.”

We are a Fast-growing Start-up in the HR tech space making SAAS-based products to provide elevated experiences throughout the entire hiring Lifecycle.

With Our solutions are largely focused on Elevating the hiring Experience for both the candidate and Recruiters, catering to the full suite from prospect to productive, particularly solving the challenges of Volume Hiring.

Deep Expertise

50+ Years

of collective experience in Human Resources

37+ Years

of collective experience in Process Re-engineering

30+ Years

of collective experience in Technology & Product

From Founder’s desk

Embark on a transformative journey with, where our vision and mission converge on “elevating experiences” across every dimension of talent acquisition. More than a tool, we are the architects of seamless, engaging, and transformative hiring experiences – orchestrating a symphony from prospect to productivity.

As industry pioneers, we have transcended the conventional hiring norms, shaping a new standard of excellence for our esteemed clients. Our commitment to innovation is not just a promise; it’s a relentless pursuit to redefine hiring beyond systems and tools. We craft an immersive and memorable journey for every new hire, laying the foundation for enduring relationships with their employers.

What differentiates is not only our cutting-edge technology but our unwavering dedication to understanding and exceeding your expectations. Proudly serving leaders like yourselves from large enterprises, the resounding feedback we receive is a testament to the transformative impact we bring.

We stand ready to collaborate with you,
forging a future where hiring is not just a task
but an extraordinary experience.

Backed by AKSS is Backed by AKSS Consulting with presence in UAE, Scotland and Qatar, and key investors as Sanjiv Mital Ex CEO NISG & Bharti Telesoft, Prabhat Agarwal Founder & CEO Parsec Technologies, and Vinay Agarwal Ex Dish TV & BPL Mobile.

AKSS has created its niche through delivering value to 20+ top clients in India, UAE, Bahrain and UK including British Government, British Telecom, Transport for London, CGI, Bahrain Airport Company, Group L Dubai, Benetton India, KPMG, Government of India. AKSS also received a grant for innovation from Ministry of MSME, Govt of India.

Project Glmpse

eGov Competency Framework for Ministry of IT Govt of India launched by Hon’ble Union Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, a trusted place to find job ready candidates, that helped 3000+ candidates to get jobs

Transnational Skills Standards (TnSS) Research, on Amazon book store


Excellence in Onboarding’ by at ET HR Gold Award 2023

Excellence in Process Automation’ award at ABSLI Excellence annual Award 2023

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