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We recognize the critical role of effective induction and training in ensuring a seamless onboarding experiences. From Compliance trainings, to getting-to-know the company trainings, they can all be an overwhelming for new hires making them lose interest.

iona.ai’s TRAIN PLUS is designed to enhance the new hire journey by providing a customized and compliant approach to essential training components. Its efficiency, easy to use interface and customizable approach ensures that the new hire is ready and productive from Day 1.

Make Trainings Seamless, customised and effective for new hires

Customizable New Hire Journeys:

  • Easily tailor onboarding journeys based on job titles or roles.
  • Ensures that each new hire receives a personalized and relevant onboarding experience.

Mandatory Training Integration:

  • Seamlessly integrates mandatory training modules such as health and safety, POSH, code of conduct, etc.
  • Associated assessments are included to gauge understanding and compliance.

Completion Assurance

  • Ensures that mandatory training is completed before candidates progress to the next onboarding stage.
  • Compliance with SCORM LMS content standards for a standardized and interoperable learning environment.

Optimized Learning Experience:

  • Training content is delivered in small, digestible sizes for improved engagement.
  • Captures telemetry data to monitor the effectiveness of training sessions.

Compliance and Continuous Improvement

Strong emphasis on compliance and continuous improvement

Microlearning approach with training content in digestible increments; optimizing Engagement

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Iona.ai Induction plus
comes with Integrated Engagement analysis.100% Accuracy and deeper predictability.

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