Our Story

Founded in 2019, iona.AI was developed as the technology backbone for its sister company RoadToNaukri, an emerging trusted place for jobseekers. Having been part of Multiple recruitment ecosystems, and lived with multiple real-time gaps, iona.AI began developing propriety technology to address the shortcomings of the current HRMS and ATS systems. ​

​We at Iona.AI, intended to elevate all the existing HRMS & ATS systems out in the Market. Today, we are on a mission to Revolutionise the entire ecosystem in order to elevate the experiences all stakeholders have with our customers. Our Vision is to see every Organisation enhancing their processes to deliver Exceptional Experience to their stakeholders. ​

You will love working with us

We are on a mission to ELEVATE everything we do. You will love working with us because we will ELEVATE you. 

We are Easy to work with​​. We are Lean so there will be zero waste​​. ​Our processes are super Effective​​; and we are super-Efficient. We believe in creating ‘Value’.  That is why Top Enterprises have Trusted us for our value-creation capabilities . 

" Any problem we have solved, we have lived with it!

We know the exact Pain point. How? We understand from the client in detail exactly what they are going through, practice the process and then solve the problem that annoys us and the client both.  

" Every Problem we find, we look at its every nook & cranny – in & out!

We go into the Details – any topic we are working on, we look at the in and out, and every corner. We test every corner case to make sure the solution is well rounded & foolproof  

" Any problem we come across, we obsess over it!

We obsess over the problems and pain points till we find the solution that is effective. Not just effective, it should suit everyone who is interacting with the problem and make their lives easy. 

" We evolve Ourselves.
So does our solutions

We understand that all ecosystems keep changing, and so do requirements. We don’t wait for a perfect solution that lasts forever. We keep evolving our solution to ensure it stays relevant and matches Customer’s expectations.