Turbocharge your HRMS/ATS
Smart Enhancer Kits

In the realm of HR technology, Experience one has with companies is often overlooked. Two, Struggle for a seamless and efficient experience persists. HRMS/ATS Enhancers bridge these gaps​

Elevating experience

We are on a mission to Elevate the Experiences your stakeholders have with you. From the recruit joining your organisation who ends up frazzled below the compliances & forms to your recruitment team bogged by Volume and broken processes.

Our solutions are made up of proprietary Tech-kits that Enhances your existing HRMS/ATS processes. 

What are iona.AI’s Enhancer Kits

Plug-ons to Enhance HRMS/ATS ​

AI/ML technology-based HRMS/ATS Enhancer Kits Plug seamlessly into Your existing HRMS tools, enhancing their capabilities​. 

Progressive Future-ready Technology

Enhancer Kits combines serverless architecture, advanced document and reconciliation engine, and GPT-powered technology ​

Encompassing all stakeholders

Multiple gaps plugged in the journey of post-hiring Offer letter generation to making the candidate productive enhancing experiences for all: Recruits, onboarding team & business leaders. ​

Designed for Speed, Scale Affordability

Modular and Scalable microservices approach, ensuring Efficient Resource utilization and Cost-effectiveness. ​

How does it work?

Understanding you.

We understand your goals, and how your current HRMS/ATS system is aiding you attain those goals.

Unearthing the gaps.

We go into the details, and note the gaps your process has. We identify the areas which can be enhanced to give your recruits & team an unparalleled experience

Integrated Solution to plug the gaps.

We Integrate the respective Enhancer Kits with your processes and tools to plug the gaps and improve the processes.

Creating Impact.

Hire at speed & scale. At fraction of the cost. For the 3-stick benefit: Business Growth, Cost optimization, Increased affinity towards your Company through elevated experience for all stakeholders. 

Do I need to enhance my onboarding tool? ​

Analogously, just as a turbocharger boosts the performance of an engine by compressing the air, allowing it to burn fuel efficiently and produce more power, a system enhancer enhances the capabilities and performance of HRMS or ATS tool or system. It optimizes and accelerates the system, making it more efficient and productive, much like a turbocharger increases the engine’s power output.

Inseperable Duo in town: Your HRMS/ATS + iona.AI Enhancers 


iona.AI’s game-changing HRMS & ATS Enhancer Kits turbocharge the existing systems & processes, and are designed to revolutionize both recruit Experiences and the Experiences of the companies while hiring & onboarding. All the while helping top-line of businesses, optimising costs and increasing the loyalty to Company

OfferLetter WIZ

Offer Letter Management Enhancer Kit
Digitize & Automate The First step of onboarding for Recruiters & Enhance the First compliance experience for New hires. With optimized reminders based on Monte Carlo simulations & NLP Chatbot, recruits' experience you will create a gauranteed employee branding

Preboarder PRO

Pre-boarding Enhancer Kit
Onboard recruits quicker than ever with High-performance and accurate document processing designed specifically for Indian documents with industry-leading accuracy. Ensure recruits have a delight experience with PRO NLP chatbot.


Background Verification Integrated Kit
Eliminate the need to interact with BGV services with this advanced language models (Generative AI) powered Recon engine that is integrated with government APIs and over 30 background verification partners

Trainer ARC

Employee Training Enhancer Kit
Get recruits ready faster than faster you ever had, all the while delighting your recruits through Human-like experience with NLP chatbot, progressive web app based native app-like experience, and voice-enabled regional language support. Have Visibility on their affinity through engagement monitoring predictive model.

Enhancer Kits – A Deep Dive

Offer Letter Management Enhancer Kit

  • Enhanced Predictability based on Recruitengagement : AI based Rejection Analytics ​
  • Powerful yet easy Approvals workflow providing Enhanced experience
  • Equipped for Complex structures  ​
  • Highly secure, can be generated multiple times as per candidate feedback
  • Integrated & Multichannel Communication with Feedback Loop ecosystem: ensures all stakeholders are informed ​
  • Ensures strategic control on offer issues: Nudges managers who misses approvals, auto escalates stuff etc.
  • ​Fully configurable

Pre-boarding Enhancer Kit

  •  Real time collection, checking, and reconciliations of documents & information using proprietary designeddoc & reconciliations engine
  • Query handling powered by generative AI
  • Form filling assistance, Smart follow ups and nudges viaWhatsApp, Email and SMS for Enhanced recruit experience
  • 100% accuracy of data guaranteed for recruitment & onboarding team
  • Unique candidate journeys that are infinitely configurable
  • Available in multiple languages

Employee Training Enhancer Kit

  • Fully equipped Learning Management System (LMS) for prospective hires. 
  • Proactive engagement with new hires 
  • Multiple & Range of topics covered: About theorganisation, key products / services,CxO messages, Organisation policies around Code of Conduct, POSH, Anti Money Laundering or similar. 
  • Integrated Assessments to measure learning outcomes configurable as per your requirement
  • Customizable Certifications included  
  • Smart follow ups

Background Verification Integrated Kit

  • Inbuilt marketplace of BGV providerscurated based on theirAccuracy, TATs, Cost, Reputation & other critical variables.  
  • Eliminated need to sign separate agreements with BGVproviders 
  • Lightening fast Turnaround times TATs
  • Automated Insufficiency Management – automatically handled via the kit that routes to candidates via WhatsApp / SMS / Email. 
  • Full Visibility to the onboarding team through notifications &detailed Analytics
  • Full range of 30+ background verification services covered: education checks, employment checks, ID checks, court record verifications, Police verifications etc

Enterprises Who have trusted our kits



“iona.ai has significantly improved the onboarding process and has been able to deliver with 0%
down time, Considering this success, we are looking forward to implement iona.ai for
other group entities as well. iona.ai is the preferred tool for the Onboarding Project.”

Head HR Operations Leading Financial Services Company

“iona.ai provides hassle free online onboarding experience to candidates and portal is very intuitively
designed which helps candidate to complete their process without any support. Also, the support
readily available through whatsapp helpdesk.”

Regional HR Manager Prominent Insurance Provider

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